January 27, 2017

Failed to call controller method using AJAX in MVC 4 when deployed in IIS Server

Have you ever faced this issue in ASP.NET MVC? I found this issue after deploying my MVC application in IIS server, I shocked as it was working fine in local system but in hosting server it was not. Tried to search solution over the net but non of the solution worked for me. Finally I changed the URL verb and it was resolved. The detail of error is given below, hope it will be useful for someone.


Failed to load data..{"readyState":4,"responseText":....some HTML tag..\r\n \r\n The resource cannot be found.\r\n \r\n


Solution is pretty simple, use "../" in your SRC instead of "~" symbol.

Updated on https://www.codeproject.com/Answers/790566/Failed-to-call-controller-method-using-AJAX-in-MVC?cmt=914340

December 28, 2016

Exception: This document already has a 'DocumentElement' node Exception in C#

While manipulating an XML file I came across with this exception and googled it out for solution. I found many stuffs but none of those were relevant and could not resolve my problem. After few minutes of analysis, I came to know that I was doing something wrong.

I was trying to add element directly to XML document, which was not correct. It should be added within the root element. I changed my code accordingly and it was resolved. Full XML file and C# code is given below. Hope this will be helpful for others, and please feel free to add comments or any queries.

XML file:

C# code:

XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();

            // Create new element:
            XmlElement book = doc.CreateElement("Book");

            // Create child elements:
            XmlElement title = docDestn.CreateElement("Title");
            title.InnerText = "Mastering in ASP.Net 4.5";

            XmlElement author = docDestn.CreateElement("Author");
            title.InnerText = "Unknown Author";

            XmlElement version = docDestn.CreateElement("Version");
            title.InnerText = "V4.5";


            // Read the root node:
            XmlNode root = doc.SelectSingleNode("AllBooks");